× NOTE: All Audeamus Grade 12 pupils must comply with the moderation requirements of the Department of Education, and writes the standard NSC exams annually. × NOTE: Please click on the Autism Centre link for more inormation.


Afrikaans and English Dual Medium School,
One-on-one Attention

Why Audeamus

Audeamus is a Dual Medium School (English and Afrikaans) where Children have the unique benefit of small classes (15 learners per class).

Educators are highly trained in various areas of neurological and emotional development, and are able to devote their attention to every child, in one-on-one teaching.

Educators adapt learning methods to “fit” each child, instead of expecting each child to “fit” the system.

We form bonds of trust and understanding with each child, fostering a secure, enjoyable learning environment.

Daily academic routines include exclusive forms of neurological stimulation.

Activities which enhance the subtle, often neglected, core motor skills are also a vital part of our curriculum.

Audeamus strives to create and maintain a comfortable, family-like atmosphere.

At Audeamus we believe that children need to feel safe and happy in order to reap the full benefits of education.

Audeamus also offers Art classes,Swimming, Weekly Chess Lessons and Parent Information Sessions as part of our service to our learners and their guardians.

Our learners are our Passion, your child deserves the Excellence offered at Audeamus Private School.


About us

AUDEAMUS: The Latin word for “Let us dare” embodies the spirit and reality of Audeamus Private School. Driven by our philosophy that children need an enabling environment to flourish, we provide exactly that to help each learner develop their optimal individual potential.

Vision Statement

It is our vision to have a peaceful, productive, enjoyable and safe learning environment that meets the academic, social and developmental needs of each of our learners. Our goal is to prepare our learners for the next level in their education and to help them grow into the leaders of tomorrow. We aim to help each learner achieve his/her full potential. Our vision is to bring each child in contact with his/her own strengths and weaknesses, to build on the strengths and handle the weaknesses together with various learning programmes which forms the core of our curriculum.

Mission Statement

To establish a unique and individualised learning environment that facilitates academic excellence, personal growth and social competence within the context of each child’s potential in partnership with dedicated parents and professionals. To maximize learning potential for learners with different challenges by means of multi-disciplinary methods such as TEACHH, Brain Gym, Mind Brain Education and FLEX to enhance the infinite potential within each learner. It is our mission to live out our motto: “Dare to be”.

Beliefs that drive us

At Audeumus we strive to dare convention and to create an enjoyable and life affirming learning environment for each and every child at our school.

Our guiding principles are:

    Academic education of a high standard which follows CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements) with individualised support
    Integrated developmental opportunities for each child
    Parent – teacher partnerships
    A safe and health enhancing social and physical environment
    Loving and disciplined learning environment based on Christian principles

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Our School

Below you will find all the information about our school.

At Audeamus our learners are our focus. We design our programmes with a specific end in mind:

    Skilled, well-rounded, confident young adults who are ready and willing to contribute at all levels of society.

Our Learners

Children of average to above average intellect.

Grade RR to Grade 12.

Learners who will thrive with individualised attention resulting in improved academic performance.

Learners who need additional stimulation.

Gifted learners who needs enrichment.

active participants

respect fundamental human rights, the environment and school facilities.

accept that people are different and respect those differences.

respect their own and other’s belongings.

look after their school books and stationary and complete their work neatly.

adhere to the School Code of Conduct.

School hours

Gr. RR – Gr. 12 – 7:30 – 14:15


Term 1 – 15 Jan – 18 March

Term 2 – 08 June – 07 August

Term 3 – 12 August – 23 September

Term 4 – 05 October – 15 December

Online Information

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Fun Facts About Us

The Staff

Audeamus employs only Qualified Professional Educators who:

Believe in the infinite potential of each child

Treat each child as an individual with respect

Teach with pride, to the best of their ability

Maintain firm, but fair discipline

Maintain excellent academic standards

Provide care, knowledge, skills and principles to develop the whole child

Establish a partnership relationship with parents

Are life-long students themselves.

Many children face learning barriers of some sort. Our educators can identify these in their one-on-one interaction with the learners and effectively address them in co-operation with parents and specialists.

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